*insert some intelligent/witty title here*

Every now and again I make a promise to myself to start blogging more and and make some sort of attempt to de-clutter the thoughts that seem to swirl round my brain like bath water escaping down the plug hole. I sitting typing this not so sensibly on my brand new iPad mini. The effort it would have taken to get my laptop out, is severely out weighed by the fact that I have sore shoulders from being tattooed earlier. I have no idea why I decided to write this post but things have been so awful over the past couple of months, that I think I needed some sort of creative outlet for all the emotions that I seem to be collating. And to maybe remind myself what I have learnt in the recent past. The biggest thing being, that I have the most amazing friends and family and I am proud to have them by my side. I love them all so dearly, for so many different reasons. I also learnt the depths to which humanity can sink and that some people are conniving and cold hearted and until you are away from them, you don’t realise what an effect they have on you.

I should continue to write more short stories or blog about the mini adventures that I like to go on. Maybe now, I am in a little bit of a better place I can get rid of this writers block and start being a more normal version of myself. I think being tattooed twice in three days did a lot to help with some of new found clarity. Which isn’t a bad thing. Well for now I am going to sign off and look at funny videos of cats in YouTube. Plus I need to peel the cling film off my tattoo!