The Oncoming Storm Part 4

As I started to open my eyes, I was faintly aware of the birds tweeting and then the sound of rain. It was a welcomed and refreshing noise. And I knew that the rain would mean there would be less of those things out on the streets. After a few moments of pondering what my next plan of attack would be. My reverie was interrupted by my host. He entered the room carrying two mugs of coffee. I had never felt more touched by such a small gesture. I savoured the smell and taste. As we both sat in blissful silence enjoying a small moment of total normality. He asked me what I planned to do next. And I told him that I honestly didn’t know.

He told me that he no longer felt safe here after what happened last night. He said he wanted to come with me. After deliberating for a second, I decided that I could do with the help and the company. It meant I would be able to keep a grip on what was left of my sanity. So after pottering around for a while, we both convened at the dining room table, to look at a map and decided on where we wanted to go and how the hell we planned on getting there. After a long conversation and a few awkward silences, we decided on Cornwall.

Before we became too comfortable again, we made a hasty exit. But instead of going out the way we came in last night, we headed in the opposite direction. Instead of heading down the expansive stairwell. We went up, all the way up to the top floor. I want to ask where we were going but I was too apprehensive and out of breath to ask, so I was willingly following a stranger. Even though he had given me shelter, I still didn’t know his name and in all honesty I was to afraid to ask.

As we trudged along to the last door of the corridor. He then began to explain that we were heading to the roof, from there we would cross from building to building. I was just about to ask him how but he began to quickly explain that as soon as he had heard about the outbreak. He began constructing walkways which connected each rooftop. I guess now wasn’t the time to mention I was terrified of heights!