The Oncoming Storm Part 3

As I left the cover of the field and came out between two block of flats. I saw a man, not much older than myself, take out the last walker out of a group of about 10. Before I had chance to catch my breath, he had a machete to my throat demanding to know who I was and where I had come from. I managed to stutter out a satisfactory answer as he took a step back and motioned for me to follow him. It took a while for my brain to relay the message so I had to jog to catch him up. I was trying to process what had just happened. As we walked neither of us said a word, there was just the far off bang of gun fire and the click-clack of our footfalls. We entered the tower block on the far right and made a start for the stairs. We being walking up and up. It just seemed to go on and on. Finally we reached the 13th floor. Part of me wished the lift had been working because my body was finding it hard to relax after that climb. Still not speak, I followed the man in to a door at the far end of the corridor.

As we both entered the flat, I couldn’t help but notice the planks of wood nailed across the windows or the half melted candles the littered the entire living room. He asked me to sit on the sofa, I sat down and he took a seat in the chair opposite me. As we sat in the silent room, a million questions were running through my mind. But before I could ask any of them, he was explaining how we ended up here and that he was once part of a group but they had all met their demise between here and the place they once called home. As he finished I began to tell him my story, from seeing my parents turn into walkers to ditching my car not to far away from where we are at this exact moment. We both eventually ran out of things to say, I noticed that it was dark outside. The sort of night time sky that made you want to turn all the lights on and lock the door. As the kind stranger got up to leave, he told me to sleep, he walked out of the door and returned moments later with a pillow and blanket. I managed to thank him for his generosity. He bade me goodnight. As I heard his heavy footsteps in the room above me, I felt myself drifting off to sleep.