Epiphany (of sorts!)

After a long conversation on the phone the other night, with my mum. I have finally realized my dream and I am going to do it next year. No more excuses, no more planning for years down the line. It is time do it. And I know that all the shit that has gone on these past few months and that is still going on, will be totally worth it. I need this and I know that it is going to change my life. For the better. There are things that I need to get in order before I officially know that I am going. But they will be but minor speed bumps in the grand scheme of things.


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2 thoughts on “Epiphany (of sorts!)”

  1. Canada? šŸ™‚

    And by the way, this is beautifully written. You deserve to have something awesome happen to you, you’re a genuinely wonderful person ā¤

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