As we sat at the table across from one another. Both looking anywhere but at each other. He was fiddling with the cuff of his jumper and I was clutching my favourite coffee mug. Neither of us had moved for what seemed like an age. All I could hear was my heartbeat, his shallow breathing and the tick tock of the clock. I wanted to break the silence but I didn’t know how. I knew what I wanted to say but my mouth wouldn’t let me. There was a time before when we could sit like this and smile but there was something about this quiet that made me want to cry. It made me feel insignificant. And I couldn’t figure it out.

The coffee in my hands was turning cold but I didn’t want to move because it felt like I would shatter glass. My thoughts were racing but this moment was stuck on a never ending cycle. I finally looked at him and then at the clock and it depressed me to see that only ten minutes had passed but it felt like we had been sat here for eternity. This was like my worst nightmare. Me and him both struggling to express even the simplest of emotions which was beyond frustrating. That’s when I had a brainwave. I purposely dropped my cup on the floor. Shattering the moment and bringing us both crashing back to reality.