I thought about writing this post for a while but it’s either finding the time to do it or the words to make it sound eloquent enough to be something readable. As a person with a fair few tattoos myself I have an colourful opinion on the stigmata that seems to be attached to a heavily tattooed person. Before I even had my first tattoo, I was in awe of people that had them, because it should they were in control of who they were and what they wanted to look like. And over the years the ways in which tattoos are viewed has changed massively.  If you are a celebrity then adorning yourself with even the tackiest of tattoos is seen as a good thing even the plethora of copy cats that follow. But if you an average person like myself. Then it’s seen as something that is wrong and should be covered up. I have experience from a former employer of mine. Is it so hard for people to understand that the artwork that I have on my arms and legs, were my choice to get. They are all special for one reason or another. But mainly because they signify a time in my life and I know that in years to come I can look at them and fondly recall the memories that they all hold. Not just the image itself but the who, when and where they were done. This doesn’t mean that I should be treated differently from any other member of society. 

I remember watching a certain daytime television show, and one of the so called hosts called alternative models vulgar. All I can say is that women most be blind and has clear never seen any of the pictures that the Suicide Girls churn out on a regular basis. They are beautiful girls and are comfortable with who they are and give hope to regualr alternative girls that are just trying to get by in a society that is dictated by a dress size and the brand nme on your jeans. Just goes to show how fractured our society is becoming.

Fuck I could write for an eon but I am running out of how to word my thought. Might do a follow up blog when I can be more coherent on the topic.



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2 thoughts on “Tattoos”

  1. Tattoos are personal to you. They are an extension of the human body but with colourful pictures, your skin adapts to the memories and stories. The pain is brief the healing process itchy and annoying but the result of a good tattoo aftercare is something worth paying the price for. I have seen many tattoos look so bad and people not look after them, but you show great love for your body and the fantastic artwork that has gone into them.

    You’re one of my best friends and love your tattoos to bits, in fact you inspired me to get them myself. You sat there with me when I had my first ever one. I cannot thank you enough.

    You proved also you were better than him because you raised above the nasty boss and got a more rewarding job. Something that suits you for now. It is just a shame his store wasnt as open minded as mine. But people are always going to say things behind your back I mean even though you can have sleeve tattoos some of the things they say about my friend is rather uncalled for.

    You would think in a modern world now where you have more choice and freedom of expression they would accept you for who you are. There are a lot of people around you who love you for who you are, you do have friends with tattoos, family with tattoos. People are only ignorant to what they don’t understand fully.

    Ignore the prejudice, get them out!!!

    loves xxx

  2. So eloquently written, Lyndsay. You’ve said it better than I think I ever could. I think your tattoos are beautiful and I love that they mean something personal to you (RUBBER DUCK! Ahem). I absolutely love women with tattoos- I think they look beautiful. It’s only people who don’t think for themselves who think otherwise. Your body is essentially a place to express who you are: your tattoos are art, but instead of them being on paper, they live on your skin 🙂 x

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