The Oncoming Storm Part 2

 I edged the car closer and closer to the figure in the road. I could tell it was one of those things, I just knew it. I didn’t need to see it up close to know. I knew, deep down in my gut. I kept creeping closer and closer and as I passed the creature, I could see a nothing but crumpled cars and shards of glass. That’s when I knew I had to either risk crashing my car and drive through the field or decided to get out and walk. I chose the latter, but the only problem with that decision was finding another vehicle when I reached the other side.

So with that, I killed the ignition. And out of some sentimental value I took the keys with me. I knew there was no point but something in my heart told me to take them. It’s not as if someone or something was going to steal my car. I tightened the straps on my backpack, rest my gun on my shoulder and started what I knew was going to be a trek.

As I walked over the road, I tried to be quiet and unseen, but it was hard with every other step I took was accompanied by the crunch of glass under my well-worn boots. I reached the bank and crouched down ready to slide down. I felt like I had eyes on me, but I knew the things were occupied by the smoke and fireworks in the sky. Even though they were distracted I still knew I had to be silent and unseen.

As I entered the field, I realized it was darker than I first thought. I forced down the urge to run as fast I could. So I took those first few tentative steps on another unknown part of my journey. I wanted to use my torch but I didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention and I need a free hand incase I need to use my gun. I kept thinking I saw something in the far off distance but I knew it was my imagination, but my gut was trying to convince me otherwise.

I was almost halfway through the field that felt like a canyon of a thousand miles, when in the far off distance I could here gunshots, the guttural voice of the undead, and the distinct shouts of the thoroughly human. So out of happiness and sheer desperation I started running. Running the fasted I had in years. As I ran under the football goal and to the edge of the field. I came across something, which took my breath away…

To Be Continued.


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