The Oncoming Storm: Part 1

I had lived on this street my entire life. I had seen it change through the years but some how stay the same. But there was something about tonight that was different. As I stood staring out of my bedroom window I could see abandoned cars and empty streets. In the far of distance I could see billows of smoke and hear the faint wail of sirens. I knew that this was going to be a night like no other. I was prepared but my fear was starting to out weigh my readiness.

I took one last look at the place where I grew up and all the memories it held. But it was time to let go and move on, because I knew I was no longer safe. And, as far as I knew, I was the last one alive in my town. When it all began I knew I had to make a choice. Stay and die, or leave and fight as best I could and see if I can survive. I chose the latter, seeing as there was nothing holding me here any more. This could be the end of everything I have ever known.

I turned away from the window and head out of the door, pausing halfway down the stairs to take one last look around my house. I pushed back the tears and headed towards the back door. Grabbing my backpack, car keys and shotgun. I left, without locking the door for the first time in years.

I walked across the garden and to the garage at the bottom. Trying to be as careful and as quiet as I could be. I couldn’t take any risks, not this early in my journey. That was one of my top rules: Don’t try to be a hero. No matter the circumstances. I had learned that the hard way. After opening the garage door. I climbed into the car, took a deep breath, put the key in the ignition and started the engine. As I started pull away I could feel the tears forcing their way to the surface again, but I could not allow myself to feel weakness or regret about leaving everything I know.

I was slowly driving along the street, I had been meticulous in planning my route and where I eventually wanted to end but I had a handful of back up plans, just in case thing went awry. I had my bag on the passenger seat and my shotgun resting on my lap, because god knows when I would need it. I turned on the motorway begin careful not to drive to fast. After driving for only a few miles, I drove in the fog and just as I emerged on the other side. I could see a lonely figure standing in the middle of the road…


…To be continued.


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3 thoughts on “The Oncoming Storm: Part 1”

  1. This is actually amazing. I love how real it feels and how subtle the tension is: ‘I left, without locking the door for the first time in years’ – wonderful!

    You need more readers, Lyndsay, you’re a fantastic writer 🙂

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