God knows why I decided to post this from my iPod but hey when the need to blog comes, it’s handy to have a device like this to hammer out. Whatever thoughts that have just crossed my mind. And tonight’s is a rant.

Recently I have been feeling like I have been stuck on a rut, with me getting older and still not doing the things o want with my life and it is starting to make feel so fucking frustrated. To the point that I cannot see a way out or a solution to the way feel. And I feel like I am being my own worst enemy when it comes to this. I know what I want but I tend to put the feelings and needs of others before my own. And. Now it is getting to a point where I feel like certain people are just taking the piss. I try to be nice and be a good person but when all is said and done. Sometimes I get sick of beig the one everyone comes when they have a problem or need some advice but when I need that they seem to vanish in to thin air. I have friends that I hand on heart what do anything for and that is because they are really friends and not fair-weather friends as my nan would say. And right now I am starting to find out who my true friends are.

I can honestly say that I cannot wait to move away from all the negitivity and problems from the last few years. I need a fresh start. And that all starts in the new year, with learning to drive. I have a list of things I want out of next year but can be bothered to list them all here.

Well I feel kinda better after typing all that but right now I need sleep and coffee. Sometimes starting work at 7.30am sucks!!



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2 thoughts on “Aurgh!!!!”

  1. I know exactly how you feel, hun… ‘My youth is slipping away’, and all that jazz.

    I say we run away to Canada and live out our lives in a cave, trapping passers-by and eating them for sustenance 😀 It’s the only way! x

    1. I’m glad someone out there does!!

      That sounds like the most brilliant idea. We could live on maple syrup flavoured people. It’s really the only way and if that fails, there is always Australia!!! x

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